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                                                                Staff Directory


       Name Title Email Address
       Angelli, Peter Teacher
       Barlow, Jennifer Teacher
       Bartholomew, Stevin Teacher
       Beaton, Ruth Teacher
       Bent, Anya Teacher
      Bernard, Holly ELL Teacher
       Bixby, Sean Teacher
       Brackbill, Tammy Administrative Assistant
       Cartier, Denise Teacher
       Casey, Andrew Teacher
      Castiglione, Katelin Teacher
       Cavallaro, Luana Teacher
       Cherry, Erin Teacher
       Chory, Kelly Teacher
       Colbert, Tyler Para-educator
       Cook, Amanda Para-educator
       Cordeiro, Grace Teacher
       Cormier, Gary Para-educator
       Costello, Rachael Teacher
       Cromwell, Cynthia Teacher
       Danforth, Susan Para-educator
       DeCoste, Michelle Teacher
       Derro, Stephen Para-educator
       Dipesa, Lorene Para-educator
       Ducolon, Cora Teacher
       Dziedziak, Mark Teacher
       Eichel, Sheryl Para-educator
       Endyke, Pam Teacher/Science Dept Chair
       Farrell, Joanne Teacher
       Fichera, Carolyn Teacher
       Field, Zachary Teacher
       Flaherty, Kristin Special Education Teacher
       Gauvin, Nancy Kitchen Manager
       Goodrich, Sandra Teacher
       Gore, Jon Guidance Counselor
       Gubala, Kory Special Education Teacher
       Harty, Richard Teacher
       Hazzard, Krista Special Education Teacher
       Hickey, Edward Teacher/Math Dept Chair
       Hidler, Michelle Psychologist
       Honer, John Teacher
       Horwath, Jessica Speech Therapist
       Howard-Bilodeau, Lisa Guidance Counselor
       Ingham, Barbara Administrative Assistant
       Jacques, Matthew Teacher
       Kalinowski, Dawn Teacher
       Kelley, Kim Teacher
       Kelly, Dianne Teacher
       Kiernan, Susan Teacher
       Kohut, Robin Administrative Assistant
       Kowalski, Frank Assistant Principal
       Langlois, Christian Teacher
       Leary, Daniel Teacher
       Lees, Sheryl Teacher
       Lentz, Lee Teacher
       Lovett, Matthew Teacher
       Lukianov, Sarah Teacher
       Lynch, Elisa Teacher
       McElaney, Melissa Special Education Coordinator
       McGowan, Rachel Teacher
       McNamara, John Teacher
       Mendonca, Samantha Special Education Teacher
       Mercer, Alana Para-educator
       Merrifield, Alexander Special Education Teacher
       Merritt, Michelle Administrative Assistant
       Millard, Janna Guidance Counselor
       Moloney, John Para-educator
       Nadeau, Marcia Teacher/Art--Fine Arts Dept Chair
       Petersen, Stephen Teacher
       Poirier, Elizabeth Teacher
       Reines, Wanda Teacher
       Romanowsky, Peter Visions Teacher
       Rufo, Karen Teacher
       Ruland, Todd Teacher/English Dept Chair
       Schumacher, David Teacher
       Seymour, Jonathan Principal
       Sherman, Keith Teacher
       Siegfried, John Teacher
       Smith, Matthew Guidance Dept Chair
       Soule, Walter Teacher
       Stevens, Michael Teacher/Social Studies Dept Chair
       Strandberg, Scott Special Education Teacher
       Stubbs, Laura Teacher
       Therrien, Kim Nurse
       Thornton, Daniel Assistant Principal
       Torosian, Elizabeth Teacher
       Treado, Elaine Teacher
       Ward, Lisa Teacher
       Weber, Erica Teacher
       Wendt, Michael Special Education Teacher
       Whalen, Alicia Para-educator
       Wildes, Andrew Teacher

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